H is for Handmade Movement

I’m a little late in the night, but I have to give a shout out to the Handmade Movement. As an Etsy seller, buying handmade is something that’s pretty important to me. Handmade crafts are something that I grew up with. My mother is a quilter, specializing in Hawaiian and Jacobean applique, and creativity has always been encouraged in my family.

There are really a lot of reasons to buy handmade, though. Firstly, buying directly from artists and artisans means that you know that your money is going to the people who put together the product that you’re getting, something that you can’t be sure of in almost any retail situation. Secondly,with websites like Etsy and Artfire, it’s easier than ever to do.

Maybe one of the biggest reason to buy handmade, though, is because in today’s mass-produced world, one-of-a-kind pieces of self-expression can only truly be found in the handmade market. Buying handmade is also a great way to support local artists instead of big chains, and a vote for quality—something that has been sacrificed in the mainstream markets in favor of price cuts.

The coolest thing about the handmade movement, though? Is that it also means that YOU can make things. Today learning how to knit, crochet, sew, make jewelry or whatever it is that interests you is easier than ever, because the internet literally has endless information on all of the above subjects (and lots more) available with just a Google search or two. Want to learn how to make soap? How about how to do embroidery? Or how to spin yarn? If you’re more of a visual learner, I’d suggest looking through Youtube. I personally learned how to spin, crochet, and bind books off of youtube.

Maybe selling online isn’t for you. Maybe selling at all isn’t for you. But there’s nothing like making something useful of your own.

This is also why I write, by the way. I have to be creating something all the time, whether it’s literally putting together a journal or notebook, making something wearable out of yarn, making the yarn itself, or telling a yarn of my own. 😉

8 thoughts on “H is for Handmade Movement

  1. Agreed on all points. I thrive on creation as well, and one must have an outlet for one’s work – be it writing, sewing, embroidery or whatever. All hail the internet.

  2. I totally agree, handmade is what matters. Yes, I buy lots of stuff, but if you ask, it’s the handmade things I treasure. When my grandmother died, each of us could choose anything from her house that we wanted. When I looked around I found that I wanted a crocheted cluster of grapes she had made to decorate her house. Why? Because she made them. Valuable? Every loving stitch.

    • That sounds lovely, Canda. I know… I’m very lucky in that I have a lot of things handmade, some of them especially for me, from a doll my grandmother made me, to a baby blanket my mother quilted, to leftover stationary that my great-grandmother attached her tatted flowers to (I have an enormous box of that, but can’t make myself give it away!)

  3. It’s great to go to google and find out how to do things. My boys look up how to play tunes on the piano and the guitar all the time. I’m the fixer upper at our house and I’ve googled everything from cleaning dryer vents to repairing cracked marble. It’s great for the illusrator side of me as well. I go there for photo references and tips on how to use photoshop if I get stuck (which I do a lot).
    Great post, Lisa.

    • Thanks, Cathy! I agree, it’s a fix for me too, a lot of times. When we need something we don’t have, I run to the internet to see if I can fashion it somehow, and my husband has caught the bug… which is also fun. 🙂

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