G is for Gilmore Girls

I have a deep and abiding love for Gilmore Girls. I watched this show from day one, and have a special relationship with it, mainly because Rory was my same age, and interested in a lot of similar things (okay, BOOKS) as me.

I was so happy with a teen show about a kid who was actually smart. Not just smart, but intelligent (yes there’s a difference!), driven, and full of aspirations. The show went a little too strong on the small-town aspect sometimes, and did often feel like wrenches were being thrown into the mix just to shake things up… but then again, doesn’t life do that too?

Since Rory was my age, she kind of felt like a fictional foil for me. She made bigger mistakes than me (probably took bigger risks, too) but she was faced with similar situations at similar times… like trying to figure out which college to go to, then later what to do after college. I have to admit that during the campaigning for Obama vs. McCain, my thoughts kept going back to how Rory was supposed to be on Obama’s campaign bus… and I’d feel simultaneously proud of her and lonely for her at the same time.

A little crazy? Yeah. But proof as to what an impression this show made in my life for seven years. I still miss it.

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