Lisa Asanuma is a long-time lover of the written word who graduated with a Literature degree from the College of Creative Studies at UC Santa Barbara, where her focus was on creative writing and poetry.  She has worked as an editor for the now-defunct Drollerie Press, and is currently working as a quality review specialist at a medical testing facility.

In the past, Lisa has been a contributor at Tales from the Hollow Tree, where she has published free short stories with author Isabelle Santiago. You can find a complete list of Lisa’s free short stories here.

Lisa is currently querying her first novel, a YA fairy-tale fantasy and is working on her next book.

Outside of writing, Lisa indulges in several crafts of a more tangible nature as well (knitting, crochet, bookbinding, spinning yarn), and is always looking for new hobbies.

Follow Lisa on Twitter @LisaAsanuma or @lisa_asanuma on Instagram.