A Note on Deliberation.

Right now I’m 70K into what I’m guessing will be a 100K first draft. I’m planning to finish it by June 30th. This has been a little slow going the past week or so because I’ve been moving into a new apartment, so production has slammed to a halt, but as of tomorrow, I’m go for action.

You see, I did a little experiment the other day. Er, week. I was stuck at just over 65K, and I had a free day. On that day, despite the fact that I can usually write only 1000-2000 words per day, and that’s if I have the whole dayI decided that I was going to hit 70,000 words. I was going to do it. It took me fourteen hours and an obsessive lot of Pomodoro-ing (plus encouragement and a kind assent to not distract me from my husband), but I managed to write over 4600 words in one day. Just because I was really determined to do it.

This taught me something very significant about writing. Something that we all hear, but that I think every writer needs to learn for themselves: when it comes to writing, deliberation is key.

I don’t just mean writing deliberately—though that is very imporant. Every word you put down should count, at least by the end. What I mean, though, is that the act of deliberately sitting down to write is imperative in getting things done in this game. Me, I can tell you all the ways to not get writing done. Sitting down with a definite goal and time frame in mind is the only way I’ve discovered to really get results. Oh sure, there’s sitting around and waiting for inspiration to come, but I’ve learned that inspiration is a lot more likely to hit you if you’re out looking for it.

It’s like working door-to-door sales: you can’t sell anything if you don’t knock first.

So that’s my flash of inspiration for the day. I’ve figured out that in order to write my 30,000 words by the end of June, I need to write at least 700 words per day. That’s not even a thousand—I can do that. Of course, I’m a little petrified, because I don’t know 100% where I’m going in between major scenes, but that’s okay. I have a lot of material to work with, and a lot of places to go.

I’ll keep you posted as to how well I’m doing.

What are your writing goals right now?

The It’s So Cherry Super Spring Kickoff!

Thrilled to be part of the It’s So Cherry Super Spring Kickoff Giveaway! All the information you need is below, so have fun!

It’s So Cherry Super Spring Kickoff

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Here’s an idea of barefoot sandals, in case you can’t visualize them in your head.

Aren’t they cute? Good luck!

The Awesome and the Less Awesome

There are a few adjustments being made in my life at the moment, and things are still changing and needing to settle down, so I’m deciding to cut down my blogging to one day a week. I know, a little lame, but until I have things more figured out, I want to at least be dependable in the things I’ve said I’ll do.

That said, I’ve been negligent about this blog the past few weeks, and I’m so sorry. Here’s a little list of what’s been going on in my life, both the Awesome and the Less Awesome.

Awesome: I’ve started the first “normal” job I’ve ever had in my life. I say “normal” because I’ve been working since high school, just about, but it’s always been in unusual conditions. Single-employee office jobs, online gigs, selling crafts and what have you. I’ve just never had what you might call a normal paycheck, and I’m enjoying the idea of a little bit of stability in my life.

Less Awesome: This does, of course, cut down on my time to write, which is why sacrifices must be made. I know I’ve been rearranging blog schedules as is, but cutting down on blog time is essential in this. This way I can focus on quality, not quantity, and on getting my WIP all finished for my goal at the end of June.

Awesome: The other day I broke 70K, writing over 4600 words in one day. Less time = more focus!

Less Awesome: I’m really worried that my bad guy is one-dimensional.

Awesome: This weekend is the LDS Storymakers Conference here in Utah. A fabu writers’ conference that a lot of my writerly friends will be attending!

Less Awesome: I can’t go. 😦

Awesome: I will be able to meet up with a bunch of those same friends on Friday night at the Authors Incognito Mix & Mingle that goes along with the writers’ conference!

So that’s what’s up in my neck of the woods.

Oh, and one more Awesome: I’m giving away a ten-page critique at the Dojo! Enter the Rafflecopter here!

Now a word from you… what are you reading this week? How are you liking it?