Fiber Friday!

A Twitter convo with author Jodi Meadows about her fun Spinning Sunday blogs a little while ago, I decided I might as well embrace my crafty side on my author blog and show off some of my own fiber-y work.

A little background – I am a knitter. And a crocheter. And a drop-spindler (what’s that?). And a bookbinder. So from now on on Fridays I’m going to show off a little of what is going on in my crafty world. Today, this is what I have to share with you:



A few days ago I finished the very first fiber I ever bought. Now this isn’t the first fiber I’ve spun by far, but it’s soy silk, a very slippery fiber, so I didn’t dare touch it until I sort of knew what I was doing.

I have one more skein of it in another blue colorway, and they’re all small skeins… don’t know what I’ll do with them yet. Maybe combine all three in a shawl of some sort? Or make a few hats? Hm….