Booking Through Thursday: Writing or Riveting?

What’s more important: Good writing? Or a good story?

(Of course, a book should have BOTH, but…)

Just a short answer for me today, but I guess I prefer good writing. I can be thrown from a really good story if the writing is awful, but often I’ll pace myself through a slower-plotted book if the writing is gorgeous or the characters are really addictive. If the plot is mind-blowingly brilliant but the character is dumb as a post, I’ll still read the book, but I might walk away with a sour taste in my mouth.

2 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Writing or Riveting?

  1. I can’t have both? If the writing is distracting from the story, I’ll quit reading. If the writing is beautiful but the story is lacking, I’ll quit reading. My reading time is limited, and I won’t put up with stuff like I used to.

    • That’s a fair answer, Donna. I think for the most part it’s that way for me, too, but I can occasionally get behind a book with no plot and gorgeous writing…

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