What I’m Watching Wednesday: Heroes

I know what you’re thinking… WHY?

But c’mon… Heroes was fun. Even with Milo Ventimiglia, who I couldn’t help but seriously dislike as Jesse on Gilmore Girls. (Yes, I know I’m in the minority there, but I’m a DEAN girl. Sue me.)

Anyhow. I watched Heroes as long as it was fun, really. Actually, I skipped out just before it (I’ve heard) stopped being fun. And by that, I mean I was around just long enough to see Elle:

Kristen Bell playing a psychopath with electric powers. FUN.

But not long enough to see them kill her off. Yes, I know it’s coming… but true to my nature, I’m in denial until I see it. (It took me a year and a half to watch the last two Doctor Who specials with David Tennant. So yeah… It’s difficult for me to let go, sometimes.)

I have to say, Elle Bishop was my favorite thing about Heroes. She made me like Kristen Bell even when I was pissed off at her for messing up Logan and Veronica on Veronica Mars.¹ Elle was delightfully insane, living in a facility from a young age, entrapped there (and employed there) by her own father…

The Mr. hasn’t seen Heroes yet, and he was curious. We’ve recently subscribed to Netflix, and it was right there…

So we’ve been watching. We’re in Season 2 now, and creeping up to the spot where I stopped watching. And I’ve noticed a few things…

1) Mohinder is an idiot. Constantly. Incessantly. I think I didn’t realize this quite so much the first go-around because he’s So. Dang. Hot.

2) I still don’t care for Hiro much. But my love for Ando has not, and is not likely to ever, cease.

3) I’m still sort of annoyed that Zach (Claire’s geeky friend from S1) disappears without any goodbye. It’s sort of okay, because he went on to be John Conner and I LOVED The Sarah Conner Chronicles, but still, lame.

4) West, Claire’s flying boyfriend in S2, is kind of a jerk. He judges and then presses Claire, before he even knows her, to do things she’s not comfortable with. It may not be in a sexual way, but still. Encouraging people to push their boundaries is one thing. Forcing them is not cool.

5) Niki still has the lamest power of all of them. Except for maybe Maya. And at least she’s not as obnoxious as Maya. And I’m still mad they killed off D.L.

6) Milo is still Milo.

Kind of looking forward to seeing what they do with the rest of the series, though, I know there’s a LOT of flip-flopping coming up. Sylar good, Sylar bad, etc… We’ll see.

¹ For those not in the know, it’s been said that Bell’s opinions had some bend with writer Rob Thomas’ storylines) (But really, just some… I was being a little unfair to her, just because she preferred Duncan, who wasn’t exactly nicey-nice in his niceness, if you know what I mean… [/VM rant]

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