Type Set, Inc!

Happy New Year, all! I have very exciting news to share today! Selena Green (a fellow Drollerie Press editor) and I have opened up our own editing service! It’s called Type Set, Inc.

Typesetting, in its hey-day of movable type, was composed of setting each letter for printing in place by hand, with careful precision to avoid errors.

Type Set Inc. endeavors to devote the same type of meticulous care towards editing and formatting for today’s digital world. Whether looking to land an agent or self-publish your own work, Type Set, Inc. will do its best to help you put only your very best material forward.

Selena and I will be offering line edits, content edits, in-depth edits (a combo of the two) and formatting services for all electronic formats, including .pdf, which are a reader favorite. (These are a special love of mine, I make a pretty gorgeous .pdf, if I do say so myself!).

And right now, as part of our grand opening, we’re having a giveaway of FIVE twenty-five page edits! Go here and see how you can win!


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