Friday Five: Five Things!

Good morning! I’m sure you’ve heard of it by now, but I was one of the nearly 3 million people out of power last night. My house lost power for about eleven hours yesterday afternoon and into the early hours of the morning, being woken up around 2:30 by our fan and our tv turning on. That was quite an experience… thankfully we had enough candles and flashlights for everybody! Just want to add to this post this morning to say that I’m grateful for the simple things in life! And if you’re in the Southwest, I know it’s hot, but please do everybody a fav0r and conserve your power!

And now for five things:

1. I’m starting to put holiday stuff up in my Etsy shop… some Halloween and some Christmas notebooks. I’m hoping to add more, but really I’d like to work on some more softcover journals. It’s been too long! I’d especially like to get some more minis in the shop, but the freedom of the larger journals is really tempting, too.

2. I’m finally sitting down to listen to Adele. I’d heard the radio singles of course, but I’m listening to 19 right now, and she is spectacular. You probably know this already—everybody does, and I’m just a slow-poke. She reminds me a bit of Roisín Murphy, but she’s more everyday-listenable. (I can only only listen to so many Roisín songs).

And Adele’s cover of “Chasing Pavements”? So. Much. Love. I’d forgotten what a fantastic song that is.

3. You may have noticed that I’ve posted a schedule in the sidebar that I plan on sticking to. I was reading a post on Weronika Janczuk’s blog about web presence, and decided that I just needed to grit my teeth and do it. Not let myself not do it, really. I’ve tried daily postings before, but I was always expecting too much from myself, and I had never been interested in keeping a schedule. Schedules had always looked kind of cheap to me. But without one, I had no aim for daily posts, and I’d wind up with one post a week, maybe.

I’m giving myself a lot of leeway with this schedule. I have a theme for each weekday, but I’m letting myself ignore that schedule whenever I want, so long as I get a post up for that day. (As you can see, I did not write a Booking Through Thursday post yesterday, I’m already ignoring myself!) I’m also deciding that I’m going to be pre-writing as many of these posts as I can…. that’s just good blogging practice!

4. I’m considering turning my last Hollow Tree Short, “The Night the Sky Split” into a series of shorts, really. It’s about a young man named Luke who fell from the sky, and I think there’s a lot more to tell there. We don’t really know anything about Luke yet, and I have this feeling there’s a whole lot to tell. And we need to get a chance to know our narrator, too, don’t you agree?

5. Speaking of our short fiction blog, Isabelle Santiago and I have some big news coming up about Tales From the Hollow Tree. Right now we’re figuring out the last details and we have some major planning to do, but keep an eye out! Be sure to be following the Hollow Tree on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest news!

Happy weekend! Go forth and enjoy!

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