E is for Eve

No, not that Eve.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be the ripe old age of twenty-six. I’m still very much okay with admitting my age, though that might change in a year or two. Or three? I’m not sure.

My birthday has snuck up on me this year more than any other before. Then again, last year I got engaged on my birthday, so maybe it’s just quiet in comparison to that. I don’t know how to feel about this one, other than that it’s snuck up on me. I still feel like I’m somewhere in February, maybe. Where has a third of the year nearly gone by already? We don’t have a lot of money going around right now, so I’m hoping for a lovely meal cooked by my sweetheart. Today I went out to an early dinner with him and my dear grandma, who is a very dear lady to me, and that was enough of a something.

Really, though, I have a lot to celebrate. Despite tight money and my biggest wish being landing some kind of “regular” job, I have quite a lot to celebrate… I’m married to my best friend, and that’s something not everyone can claim, and I have my health, and a roof over my head, something that can’t be taken too much for granted in the world, such as it is at the moment. I have fantastic friends who are very dear to me, and a whole stack of books that I haven’t read yet, along with burning ideas for books of my own, and all of that I am very grateful for.

Ah well… I see I’ve passed midnight without getting my post up for the day, but then again I refuse to feel badly about it.

It’s my birthday, you know. 😉

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