No time to dilly-dally!

Okay, I really can’t sit still and blog right now… I have more important things to do, like get words on paper as quickly as possible, because last Thursday I had a big revelation as to how to finish up Jethro.  All of the major dots are now connected in my head, and it all works together so beautifully that I can’t believe I didn’t see it before.  I spent most of Thursday night hashing it all out in my head and with Isabelle Santiago, along with generally freaking out about it as much as I could.

Friday I didn’t get much writing done, as it was New Year’s Eve and I had some partying to do (with some extra reason to celebrate!) and I went with my husband and some very good friends to Salt Lake City’s EVE party, where I partook of live music, improv comedy, dancing, fireworks (of course!) and general frivolity.  Also, bounce-houses.  It was a blast, and I really enjoyed it.  Today I had some editing I needed to finish up, so I’ve been doing that most of the day… after sleeping in late to recover from last night.

So, anyhow, a few vital things that need to be said:

1) Welcome to 2011!!! I hope it’s a great year for us both. 😉

2) This novel suddenly seems much more like an eventuality than a possibility, and that’s an amazing feeling.

3) I could never have gotten this far without supportive family and friends.

That about sums it up for now.  I’m off to get my writing in gear!